theQoos is hiring (ENG)

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TheQoos is preparing a data-based media service app platform that targets US K-Pop fans. We are currently looking for someone to join TheQoos team, who is interested in K-Pop and media contents services.

Are you a K-pop fan? Are you interested in spreading K-pop culture to the world? theQoos, a company with the vision for delivering the best convenience and true enjoyment to global K-pop fans, is building a limitless gateway to the K-pop universe by bringing together every K-pop video, articles, content spread across the web. Global K-pop fans can get all their K-pop content, talk about K-pop with other K-pop fans by connecting with each other in theQoos app. We're backed by SK Startup Studio, consisting of ex-Kakao, ex-Samsung, ex-YG Entertainment US, and members having led those company's sales, marketing, and development. Join us in making unprecedented K-pop media history!

Open Positions for Marketing / US, NY Office

Performance Marketing Specialist (1)

The Acquisition Marketing Manager is a highly motivated, analytical person who understands User behaviors and can identify campaigns that have the greatest ROI. We require a driven Team Member who understands various marketing channels and has an eye for great performance optimization. This role requires a detailed understanding of the digital advertising industry, strong analytical skills, a data-driven mindset, and expertise is AARRR. You must be able to demonstrate a clear ability to identify how to best optimize campaigns that drive audience growth and retention. An in-depth knowledge of K-Pop is a plus but also the ability to spot new tools, tactics and market trends and apply them to discover new growth opportunities.

Open Positions for Product / Korea, Seoul Office

TheQoos service is supported by both iOS and AOS. The main characteristic of the service is providing enormous amounts of English K-Pop contents in one place. The service also categorizes user’s favorite artists, providing users with an optimum consumption of contents. We aim to provide personalization for users by using various logic plans.

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Open Positions for Contents / Korea, Seoul Office

Most contents will be provided in English as our target market is the US. Contents are composed of text, photo, and video and will be promoted to users based on their preferred type. Contents editor aims to continuously provide high quality and quantity contents for users that love K-Pop. Through index analysis, contents editor focuses on continuously verifying contents that users might like and personalizes them.

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Applying to TheQoos

Along with the resume, it is good to submit:

Why work at TheQoos

  1. We are innovating a new global service focused on the US market.
  1. We offer stock options to grow along together with the company.
  1. You can choose one of two options: One month of vacation and $1,000 worth of bonus pay for three years of continuous service OR two months of vacation and $2,000 worth of bonus pay for five years of continuous service.
  1. We are flexible and understanding with employees who may have a difficult commute.
  1. We are investing high technology sources into our products.
  1. Lunch, snack, beer will be provided.
  1. You are welcome to watch K-Pop contents all day long.

How We Work

  1. We actively communicate, open, and share.
  1. We use English names to keep hierarchy horizontal.
  1. We communicate in English depending on the business work area.
  1. Leader makes decisions with authority and responsibility despite the horizontal hierarchy.
  1. We actively suggest comments with alternatives.
  1. We actively propose and discuss ideas, and quickly execute.
  1. We make the most meaningful decisions and execution them for the team and for the benefit of TheQoos.
  1. We prefer a member who is able to cooperate with the team more than who is able to handle everything on their own.